The Greater Outdoors


Welcome to Sunsitt Signature, where we strive to provide innovative, sustainable, and visually captivating outdoor patio furniture solutions. Sunsitt Signature focuses on creating luxurious, visually exciting, and designer-level outdoor furniture to meet the needs of our discerning customers.


Brand Origins

Sunsitt Signature was born in San Diego, an American company with a distinctly Italian flair. Drawing inspiration from the rich design heritage of Italy, we infuse our creations with sophistication and elegance, setting us apart in the U.S. marketplace.


We've partnered with renowned Italian and French designers, bringing their creative genius into every piece we create. These collaborations elevate our designs and offer a wholly unique aesthetic that captures the essence of European luxury.

Design Philosophy

At Sunsitt Signature, we believe that outdoor furniture should not only be visually captivating but also functional. Our design philosophy centers on creating pieces that seamlessly blend form and function, ensuring that your outdoor space is a true reflection of your personal style.


Designers and Creatives

Behind every stunning piece of Sunsitt Signature furniture is a team of talented designers and creatives. Their expertise and passion drive our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovative design


Our collaborations with renowned designers have resulted in extraordinary collections that push the boundaries of outdoor furniture design. From sleek contemporary styles to timeless classics, each collection showcases the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.



Design that inspires others to live well, is the kind of design that inspires most of all.


An object presents value when the quality, the detail and the craftsmanship are of greater worth than the numbers on the price tag.


Quality should never be a once-off act, but a habit. Something you do, even when no one’s looking.