Think Green
Live Green

Business As Usual Is Not Good Enough

Fast furniture has become the dominant model for our industry, with materials and a supply chain that put profits before people and the planet. When we founded Sunsitt Signature, we committed to a higher standard because enjoying the outdoors today shouldn't prevent future generations from doing the same.

Mindful Materials

We carefully consider every element that goes into our products for durability, environmental impact, and comfort. When the existing options don't meet our exceptionally high standards, we innovate and develop our own.

Circular Design

More than 12 million tons of furniture are thrown away in the United States every year as a result of disposable design and cheap materials. We plan for the full lifecycle of our products, carefully crafting pieces that are not only long-lasting but also recyclable so nothing goes to waste.

Altruistic Partnerships

The farmers, craftspeople, and manufacturers we work with hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, and we make sure the people behind Sunsitt Signature receive a fair wage, health care, and a safe working environment.